Windows Updates

windowsupdateMore and more I notice client’s do not do their windows updates, not only on office computers, but on their home computers either. Whether they lack the ability or the know how, these get neglected more often then not.

I have noticed lately, that some computer service contracts include Windows Updates, or charge for simply doing windows updates. I just wanted to post that there are a few ways for getting your updates without having to pay for them. The simplest is to just enable Automatic Updates from the control panel. This way your always up to date, and do not need to pay a technician to come in once a month and do your updates. You can also open Internet Explorer, and go to You can also go into your control panel and select updates, and do a search for updates. Install the important updates, and you can selectively download and install the recommended updates that apply to your situation, and configuration.

Microsoft releases these updates, to fix, patch, or remove issues with their software, or even possibly security flaws. You should not ignore these updates, they are made available for a reason.