Residential Computer Services

We service all makes and models whether it’s a Microsoft Windows computer, Mac or Linux machine.  We are professionals in our field.  Our technicians can fix your computer issues as well as your printer related issues. Our standard rate is 60.00 an hour. We also have discounts for fixed income […]

The Heartbleed bug, Yahoo, Facebook, Canadian Revenue Agency

Another reason people should be paying more attention to their own personal security, privacy and holding it dear while on the Internet comes to light.  The Heartbleed bug or exploit, was discovered over 2 years ago, however, the fact that it has recently come to light in the last few […]

With Windows XP support gone, what are your plans?

Microsoft announced that April 8th, 2014, is the last day of Windows XP support. This leaves many people wondering what their options are. Do they need to buy a new computer, or just the Operating System. Then, if you upgrade, how will the computer performance affect your usage of the […]

Windows XP No Longer Supported by Microsoft!

From Microsoft on Tuesday, April 8th 2014. What is Windows XP end of support? Microsoft provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But the time came for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue […]