Managed Desktop Services

A customer once remarked “I have to pay you every time my network goes down, how do I know you’re really trying to solve my problems?”

It is a good question, but what if you didn’t have to?

How would less computer downtime impact the productivity and stress levels of your business service plans? How would it feel to walk in the door on Monday morning and know that your computers were going to work?

Having a standard monthly payment for all your computer services and needs, and not having to guess how much your bill will be!

That’s the foundation of our Monthly Maintenance Plans.

This service offering is dedicated to solving your computer problems, keeping your systems trouble-free and enhancing your business where technology can help.

This service can be applied to equipment you currently own after we inspect your equipment. This avoids the costs of purchasing all brand new systems in order to qualify for a service plan, and reduces your business costs.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before signing up for business service plans:

How long can your business operate without your computers?
For a simple monthly fee, you can experience unlimited support, and have the piece of mind that you have the support available when you need it!

We’ll also manage any other IT-related vendors for you (e.g. Internet Providers, Cabling Contractors, Telcos) and we’ll show you how technology can truly assist and improve your business.

So, how sure are you that, in the event of a problem, all of your information is protected?
Are you confident that you could survive a large systems failure or data loss?

Are you spending too much of your precious time trying to manage your IT?

The average company spends almost $1500 per-computer yearly on service. Everything from software, to hardware, as well as licensing fees. With an active Monthly Maintenance Plan, business owners can extend the life expectancy of a system and receive monthly reports detailling your computers current state of affairs.

Our reports are included in your Monthly Maintenance plan, and allows you to review them in order to plan for upgrades or replacements of equipment that may fail. Why wait, Give us a call today!