Printer Misfeed – A few simple solutions

Printers tend to have a lot of mis-feed’s and paying 45$ or 90$ for a technician to come in and fix it in less then 20 minute’s can be expensive.  Here are a few tips, that the technician himself will do.

printerfeedtires1. Rubbing Alcohol and paper towels, fold the paper towel in 4, pour some rubbing alcohol on it, and clean the rubber wheels that grab the paper.  Depending on the model of the printer or copier, remove the paper tray and take a look where it was.  The wheels may be located at the front or back of the printer. If you touch the wheels/rollers with your fingers, you’ll notice they only spin one way.  Once you feel which way they roll, clean the roller, turn it a bit, and clean until you have turned the rollers 360 degrees.  The reason for cleaning these is that, as paper gets pulled through the printer, a fine dust is removed from the paper, when enough “paper dust” builds up on the feed tires, they start slipping and causing jams.

2. Make sure your not always placing paper on top of the remaining paper in the tray.  The older paper will have time to gather moisture and settle, this will make the paper smoother and slipperier. Always place the old paper in the tray, on top of the new paper your putting in, this will also reduce office costs, as you wont be throwing away paper, as it will all get used.

reamofpaperlabel3. If your experiencing a lot of jams and you happen to be doing 2 sided printing, make sure to actually check the paper packaging for the weight of the paper.  Some paper, specifically 20lb weight paper, can be used for double sided printing, however it’s mostly multi-use paper, and should stick with single sided printing for quality reasons.  Paper that is 24lb or higher, will perform much better, and provide you with a much higher quality print job.  Also check the printer or copier specifications, as some weight’s of paper require special settings or the use of different paper trays. The heavier the paper, the greater the need for using and making sure the proper settings are used in order to take advantage of quality print jobs.

4. Make sure that the paper you are putting in the printer is from a new un-opened ream of paper, as opened ream’s laying around will gather moisture, and stretch and shrink the fibres in the paper, which will cause curling, or folding of the paper, specifically in laser printers, or copiers.