Need to find out what’s inside your computer?

Have you ever called for support and been asked to provide information about your computer?  You end up spending almost 30 minutes going through different menus while you try to uncover your devices and hardware for the technician.  All the while still being billed for service, and haven’t even started fixing the problem yet?

speccy1No problem! Speccy will give you all the information you need. And it’s free.  Now you don’t have to fumble through your computers menu’s and lists in order to find what the technician is asking for.  Simply download and install speccy, and when someone asks you what’s inside your computer, you can simply run it, and select the menu for the information you need, whether it’s a video card, RAM, hard drive, doesn’t matter, all the information is at your fingertips.


Speccy also has an unintended use.  Since Speccy allows you to view all your hardware, operating system and much more information, you can also use it to catalogue your computer in the off chance that it suffers from a catastrophic event.  In the event your house burned down, or basement flooded, or even brown out’s cause your computer to fail, if you had the Speccy page sent to one of your emails, you can simply retrieve it, and print out the sheet for an insurance claim.

Most insurance companies will ask for a detailed list of what was inside the computer that was damaged.  Keep in mind that Hydro companies are responsible for paying for any electronics that are damaged by improper power reception to your home and/or office.  They would also require a complete detailed list of what was inside your computer.

Speccy makes cataloguing and support for your computers easier then it ever has been.  This is one program that more business’ and people should start using for their own knowledge and piece of mind.