Cryptolocker Virus!!!

cryptolockerRecently dealing with this virus, and it’s not a pretty sight.  This was developed apparently somewhere in Europe and has now traversed the world, and causing havoc for people that do not follow back up plans.

I will take the time right now to inform people to read my “Does your Data Backup plan measure up? article.

This virus can be removed from your system fairly easily, however your data may not be recoverable.  The virus encrypts your files, images and documents of any office type including MS Office and PDF files.  It requires a public and private key in order to decrypt the files.  This is ransom-ware, where you need to visit a site, plug in the key you retrieved in the pop up and they display a price for the private key but they do give you the public key.  If you are lucky enough to have not shut off Shadow Volume Copy, you may possibly have an older separate file of the same name, that is not encrypted.  You can check this by right clicking the file, go to properties, and you may have previous version tab.  This may allow you to retrieve a copy of an encrypted file, before it was encrypted.

Most people do not find there files important enough to recover them for the price that is asked, however, even large companies have paid the requested price, since they need their files to continue to operate their business.

I can’t stress enough how important backing up copies of your files can be.  The cost of additional blank cd’s, dvd’s, usb keys, flash drives, compact flash, or even external hard drives can be. Anywhere from 10$ to 120$ should be more then enough to backup every file that may have an emotional attachment such as images, or any documents that you are working on or serve to further your business.

Always make sure to backup copies of your files and make sure that an antivirus is always running on your computer, as well as running some boot-time scans periodically in order to rid yourself of viruses that did not have a fix at the time you received it. When using your back up drives, make sure to run antivirus on them as well, because if you have the cryptolocker virus, any media that you attach, will become infected, and your files, will be encrypted.