Computer Overheating?

smokeandhaircleaningIs your computer running slowly, does it shut down without warning and power off? Does it take longer and longer to start every time you turn it on? This may be an easy solution for you.

For personal users, specially if you have animals or smoke in the home with the computer, you should use a compressed air can to clean out your power supply and the vents on your case, in order to increase airflow. Over the years, many people run into a problem where their computer just fails to perform.

Upon visiting customers and troubleshooting, many instances end in simply cleaning out the computer vents and power supply. After 2 years of not cleaning the computer with air cans, the vents on the power supply and the side of the case, were completely covered by hair and smoke residue.

After cleaning out the computer, there was a noticeable difference in performance, due to increased airflow reducing temperatures inside the computer case. It also stopped shutting down randomly, and ran measurably faster.

The same applies to offices with pets running around in them. Pets will and can shed, very few are hairless, it will block the power supply vents and the case vents.

Compressed air can be purchased at the dollar store for a very small can, or at most retail computer stores or big box stores for under 20$ for a pack of 6 cans. They are handy to have around, cleaning the computer, or even other appliances around your home or office.

If these options still do not help you, contact us and we can help you solve your issues.