Business Information Technology Planning

Your information technology infrastructure is a balance of hardware, software, networking, and people working as one complete system.

How does one improvement affect this unit as a whole?

Are you applying your IT resources in the right areas?

Is your IT Environment ready for the future?

BH Consultants helps create an Information Technology Plan by working with you and understanding your business practices and goals. 

We believe that your Information Technology support is an integral part of your business.  We strive to provide our clients with the information that will move them into the future with a straight forward plan that can adapt to their needs.  We sit down with your management team to discuss your current needs and what your plans are for the future of your business.  Whether it’s hardware, software, or information technology vendor related, we help you find the cost effective solution that will increase your productivity and reduce your costs of doing business.

We help you create a Data Management plan in order to protect your business from loss of data caused by user error, software failure and even hardware failure.  In the event of data loss we have the ability to retrieve data that may have otherwise been lost.  We also point out that data recovery is never 100 percent guaranteed, which is why we create a data management plan to reduce the risk of having to retrieve it and the costs associated with it.

We help you integrate your current office devices (Computers, Printers, Phones, Cameras, Photocopiers, and other devices) to reduce your paper and supplies cost and increase your productivity.  We assist you in setting up and using the features that your devices have, that you may not be aware of.

We hold our client’s privacy in the highest regard.  We do not wear uniforms with our company name or logos branded on them as we feel that our presence should blend in to your environment.  Our client’s and their customers should have a seamless view of all business operations.  When we visit a client or customer, we are there as their representative and should not distract from their operations.