Business Computer Services

At BH Consultants we provide our client’s with cost effective, practical, and professional computer support.  Our service plans are designed to provide you with professional quality services so that you can focus on your business, while we focus on your computers and networks.


We currently offer the following Service Plans for businesses seeking computer support on a monthly basis.

Number of Computers Price per Computer
Service Included With Monthly Plan

(Updates for all software Incl. Antivirus, Windows,
Drivers and your other software applications)
1 – 4 $23.99 Includes 1 onsite service call at no charge
5 – 9 $19.99 Includes 2 onsite service calls at no charge
10 – 19 $15.99 Includes 4 onsite service calls at no charge
20 + $13.99 Includes 6 onsite service calls at no charge