We offer computer service and repair in North Bay Ontario.

 We repair all makes and models of PC’s and Mac’s. Hardware or software we can fix it.  We can diagnose and repair your computer in your home or business or take it with us and return it when it is completed.  We do not charge fee’s for pickup or delivery of your system in the North Bay area.

Windows, Mac or Linux, we can fix it!

Data Recovery

Have you lost your data and were unable to retrieve your data?

We have the ability to retrieve your data beyond simple software solutions.  Sometimes a simple free or cheap software can retrieve your information.  Each time you attempt to retrieve the lost data, you increase the risk of not being able to retrieve it at all. Data recovery can never be guaranteed 100 percent, however, we have tools and hardware which increases our ability to recover your data.


We can help you to analyze the security of your computer and/or network environment. We will make recommendations and/or modify your network for you to help make sure your important work and data is secure.

Purchasing Computers/Accessories

We can help you purchase a computer, accessories, software, and any other related items.  If you don’t know what you need, we can help you decide.  We can find out what your needs are, what price range you’re interested in, and we will give you the best options meeting your specifications.  Our fees to help select and purchase the items are very low, and we can often find discounted prices on the items themselves. We can also help you to set up your new systems and explain how to use them.  Let us help you buy your next computer, accessory, or software item.


We fix a wide range of computer problems.  We can remove viruses from your system and correct more serious issues like corrupt software or failing hardware.  We make sure your computer runs more efficiently.

Remote Support

Our technology guarantees protection from any unauthorized access or intrusion.  For identification we use a double RSA 512 bit key and a constantly changing key for every single connection which together impede the decryption of any intelligible data even in the case of data flow catch.  Images, commands and files which are passed between the admin and the user cannot be intercepted or altered by a third party during transmission across the internet, thanks to the 128 bit AES encryption.